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Center for the promotion of entrepreneurial culture – INTER-ACTIV

Project co-financed by the European Social Fund via the Operational Sectorial Programme for the Development of Human Resources 2007-2013, ‘Invest in people!’, Priority Axis 5. Increasing the adaptability of companies and employees, Key area of intervention 3.1 Promoting Entrepreneurial Culture.

General Objective: Promoting entrepreneurial culture in order to increase adaptability and flexibility of the workforce and enterprises by creating a Centre of Promoting Entrepreneurial Culture in the following regions: Central, North-East and Bucharest-Ilfov, by implementing a complex program of integrated services.
If you fall into one of the mentioned target groups, you can be selected to participate in the assistance program offered by MIBA Consulting through the Center for Promoting Entrepreneurial Culture- INTER- ACTIV.





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Being an entrepreneur means having innovative ideas, initiative, being able to mobilize oneself, willing to take risks and to learn from your mistakes, being solution oriented.
Being an entrepreneur means to strongly believe in a cause and to be willing to work hard in order to achieve your goals, even if you do not know from the beginning what the end result will be. Being an entrepreneur means taking bigger risksthan a manager, because the entrepreneur “grabs the bull by the horns” alone and, of course expects significant benefits as a result.
It is also important to be experienced and to have assumed as many roles as possible because an entrepreneur is involved at different levels: from strategy, sales, human resources, marketing, to administrative roles.
The entrepreneur is the person who identifies a problem and is able to convince other people to get involved in solving it.

Values every entrepreneur must possess:
• enthusiasm
• confidence
• courage
• positive and strategic thinking
• authoritarian behavior



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